All three of my children are blossoming socially, emotionally and academically at Mataliki Pre School. Ever since my oldest son started in 2009, I have been nothing but happy and extremely satisfied with the work they provide for the children.


The staff provide a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for them while developing their social skills, confidence and preparing them for Primary School.


We feel confident that Mataliki Pre School will provide Julez, Estella and William with the care and attention to enable them to achieve their full potential and to be in the best position to continue their education.


Thank you so much to the staff at Mataliki for providing a fun and safe environment for our children making them excited every morning to come in.
– Talaga and Fancy Vavega

We had our daughter go through Mataliki first and foremost for us because we were confident she was in a safe, calm and nurturing environment.


The school has that informal family feel in which it doesn’t feel like you’re dropping your kids off to school every morning but rather taking them to your own trusted family to care for them as their own. So we had no reservations at all when it came time for our son to start preschool.


The school has outstanding staff who continuously upskill themselves and actively encourage parents to be involved with their child/ren and the school. Our son thoroughly loves school and can’t wait to go (even in the weekends).


In terms of learning, I appreciate the level of detail and knowledge the teachers have of my sons learning ability and potential. I also am extremely confident of speaking to the teachers of any concerns relating to my child. The open and inviting environment ensures there is two way communication.


I highly recommend Mataliki to any parent.

I am very fortunate and grateful that my daughter has such a wonderful place to spend her time while I have to be at work.


At first it was hard because Cee-Jay was very unsettled and would cry for me but the staff have been so patient and caring of Cee-Jay and I am truly thankful.


Mataliki have a very compassionate and commendable staff which my daughter has grown to love and trust. I feel that Cee-Jay has truly benefited by attending your centre and it definitely is the best decision I have made for her.


I know my daughter is in safe and loving hands when I drop her off each morning! Thank you Mataliki

I’m a working mother of 5 boys with 4 of them who have been and still are attending Mataliki Akoga Amata. 2004 is the year my boy started calling Mataliki their second home.


The teachers, Mr and Mrs Foai as our boys call them Papa and Nana are loving, caring and very professional in the way they care and teach our boys as us working parents trust them as our boys call them their second parents too, they have taught and learned a lot in different ways that their positive behaviour at home, the confidence in themselves, the safe environment Mataliki has provide, the developing of their skills in different area and preparing for primary school are just incredible.

 My first two sons who attend primary school now are well behave boys and doing very good at school and I thank you to the staff at Mataliki for the very good job they are doing to not just my boys but to all the other children who have been to Mataliki.


We will continue to support Mataliki Akoga Kamata in any way we can and highly recommend to any parent or parents.

Our daughter Gracyn attended Mataliki from 2006 – 2008.


During this time there was a government directive to have all pre-school teachers qualified and registered. We were amazed at how this was managed and enhanced the day to day running of Mataliki, benefitting the children and staff alike.


The teachers became like family as we entrusted our only daughter to their care each day and we felt that Gracyn was nurtured to the best of her ability. A lifelong learning that she has taken away with her was learning the phonics system – being able to sound out words. On entering primary school it gave her a huge advantage in her reading which has lead to her love of words, reading and story writing. It has made her a confident public speaker, reading to audiences and enabled her to be a reading tutor to her peers for most of her primary years.


It is evident that pre-schooling is important for a child as we have seen this in Gracyn.


Thank you to the staff and management of Mataliki for providing a caring, nurturing and beautiful environment, with positive energy and vibe enabling our daughter to develop, foster and encourage the same values that we have as a family.
– Mark & Fa’aulu Liuliu-Afoa

We were quite surprised to learn our close acquaintances of maori, tongan & cook island decent had their children come through Mataliki, we quickly saw for ourselves why…Mataliki fosters such a warm, professional and “inclusive” environment.


Through our sons attending, our boys taught our whole household the Tokelauan anthem, which is pretty special, as I’m half Tokelauan. Love Mataliki!

Just wanted to acknowledge all the daycare providers at Mataliki for the incredible task of nurturing, shaping and teaching my son (Lucius Semau). It is important to recognize and appreciate the valuable work the staff members do.


As a working mother of an active 4 year old boy, I appreciate the environment provided by Mataliki Tokelau Akoga Kamata that allows my son to learn and play in such a positive atmosphere.


They have been guided and taught many valuable lessons (both academic and character building). I’ve noticed a big difference in incorporating Positive reinforcement, words of encouragement/praise. My son displays more positive behaviours at home like please and thank you and just reflects happiness. He knows his letters, numbers, colours and also different songs that he learned everyday at Mataliki.


I’m grateful to be able to have such a great place for my child to be when I have to work!


Faafetai Lava Mataliki

Isaac started at 1 years old at Mataliki Tokelau and how amazing his social skills have developed just last year he had speech problems and I see now after such progress from pre-school the help of such awesome teachers his speech pronunciation has improved dramatically also his behaviour was intolerable now he’s developed such quiet an mild behaviour out in the public eye an also at home.


I am so impressed with the skills he has succumb that my 8 month old son now attends Mataliki Tokelau where as in just a short time of being there he developed strong muscle strength and was able to stand on his own for long period of time I hope in time Mataliki Tokelau will be able to expand through out Auckland and the country beautiful teachings loving caring trust worthy teachers so blessed to have my children be taught at Mataliki Tokelau.

 My daughter Meadow who is now 5 attended Mataliki from about 2 years through to 5 years. I enrolled Meadow to Mataliki because I wanted her to learn her language, and learn through an inclusive, supportive, family friendly environment. I was not disappointed the genuine care, love, and support all the teachers gave Meadow and all the other children was outstanding and continues today.


It was so reassuring to be able to leave Meadow in a home away from home environment and not worry whilst I was at work. Meadow’s reading was nurtured and her love of play and activity was encouraged. Meadow is a bright inquisitive child which I attribute to all the learning and fun she had at Mataliki, when it came time to go home she would want to stay there.


She now attends the Tokelauaun language lessons after school, so continues her involvement with Mataliki today. My son Nathan also currently goes to Mataliki, he is also thriving and has attended for the last 2.5. years. It is hard to leave your ‘baby’ at daycare but Mataliki made it So easy, I would encourage all parents to enrol or pop into Mataliki and see for yourself.