Mission Statement


Philosophy Statement

We believe the Tokelau language is to be spoken, the culture to be encouraged, nutured, and also for our children to retain the value of Christian principles.

The individuality of all children are respected and recognized therefore we endeavour as educators to implement the curriculum of Te Whaariki to plan our programme according to the child’s needs.

We believe Mataliki Tokelau Akoga Kamata is the extension of the child’s family, helping them to feel a sense of belonging and their safety and well-being is well cared for and protected.


E talitonu ki matou ko te Gagana Tokelau ma te Aganuku ke fakamalonia ma fakapelepele, e ve na foki a tatou fanau ke taofi mau ma faka taua pea te ola fakateagaga.

Ke amanakia ma talia e ki tatou ia tamaiti ma ke peleni fakatino na polokalame akoako ite kalikalamu ko Te whariki/Desirable Objectie & Practices ke, fakafetaui ma na lagona o tamaiti tau tokatahi.

E talitonu ki matou ko Mataliki Tokelau Akoga Kamata he tahi vaega ote kaiga o te tamaiti, ke fehoahoani ma ke lagona o ia he tamaiti totino, ma ko tona haogalemu ma tona olaga tuputupu ake kikila ma maluipuipuia.

Mission Statement

Our Centre will reflect our cultural diversity and our Christian principles.

The Needs of the child shall be the first and greatest consideration, with care and education enhancing the development of the child and supporting the family.

We will provide a caring, stimulating and attractive environment providing opportunities to enable children to develop at their own level and reflective of their individual needs.

We will provide a stimulating programme making learning a fun, enjoyable, natural learning experience in which will incorporate the principles of Te Whaariki (Early Childhood Curriculum). Our staff will offer guidance with gentleness and respect