Ninth Edition Newsletter

by / Wednesday, 20 November 2013 / Published in Latest posts

Talofa ni Parents/Caregivers

Parents please keep your child at home if they are sick, especially if they have been advised by your doctor to remain at home. Please provide medical certificate when your child needs to be away for more than three (3) days.

Our staff will be honoured to share your Childs Progress and Development; we acknowledge as Parents/Fanau you are the child/rens first teacher. As educators we are privileged to be entrusted with your child’s learning. Interviews will be conducted next Thursday 28 November beginning at 3pm. The times allocated for each Staff are displayed on the Parents noticeboard.

  • Dates to remember
  • Parents Interviews – Thursday 28th November
  • End of Year Cultural Party theme “Cook Islands” Wednesday 18th December
  • GRADUATION for 5 year olds Wednesday 18th December
  • Last day of School – Friday 20th December
  • Fruit Schedule

Thank you for your continuous support of providing weekly fruits for the children during your rostered turn. Please view the Notice Board for fruit list. If you have any concerns please see Lita.

Transition Class

Transition classes are to equip 4 year olds for Primary School. Parents we encourage you to sit down with your child and spend time with them to complete their homework. Children learn best when educational habits are encouraged together with their loved one.

Children enrolled for the Head Start programme at Kingsford Primary School are given Book Bags each Friday. When they are returned they are given a replacement. Contents inside the bag consist of reading books and tasks that need to be completed before they are exchanged. Please fill an enrolment form when your child turns 4 years. If you require more information speak to Ruth.

General Notices

Please check your child has a clean change of clothes each day inside their bags. We are finding some dirty clothes from the previous day in children’s bags.

Please check that there is an adequate supply of your child’s nappies and wipes in bathroom cupboard. It has been an ongoing concern.

Label your child’s clothing as some bags are identical. Thank you to those parents who exercise this. It makes life easier for staff.

We encourage healthy eating at all times. Please refrain from packing unhealthy food in children’s bags. There have been instances where children eat snacks they see in other children’s bags and numerous parents have complained. Our staffs have no control over this, so the only solution is to STOP packing unhealthy food.

  • Please check lost property as accumulation of clothes is crowding much needed space.
  • If children mistakenly bring home resources belonging to Mataliki, please return them.
  • If your child is absent from Mataliki, please telephone us at the Centre. Contact details are on the footer
  • Please ensure your child’s fees are up to date. For any concerns, please contact Lita.
    There is a green RECYCLE BIN for paper, newspaper, cardboard boxes and similar material, provided for our use. Please utilize this opportunity to RECYCLE.

If you are interested in learning Tokelau Language, Tradition and Culture, there are classes held at Mataliki each Mondays & Fridays during School Terms.

Parents our hours at Mataliki are: 9:00am – 3pm

Some parents have organised an early start for their child/ren with Ruth. Since the opening of Mataliki we have given parents a 30 minute grace period to collect their child/ren, but we are experiencing some late departures. If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to collect your child/ren before 3:00pm, our final time is 3:30pm. After which, a charge of $10 will incur for every 5minutes you are late. The funds collected are given to the educators who remain behind with your child/ren.

Ke piupiu koutou i na lima alofa ote Aliki